Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wisdom of Nietzsche Points At Quantum Physics

Nietzsche's Quantum Physics

It is my belief that all the great writers of the past understood many of the new concepts that the future would bring mankind. They were far in advance of the masses of humans in intelligence and consciousness. They all 'looked through glasses darkly' as Paul said. Meaning that even though they had advanced consciousness what they saw and thought about was still shrouded in some mystery.

The Age of Aquarius has ushered in a new paradigm called the Laws of Quantum Physics. Every new paradigm must possess two basic factors. One is a new set of rules to think with. The second is the ability to answer any questions presented to the new set of rules.

If a new paradigm expounds the virtues of even numbers and gives thousands of examples that says only even numbers exist, then as soon as one presents a negative number the whole paradigm falls apart.

The Age of Aquarius will be with us for 2000 years. Already in the fist hundred years we have been given several gifts, the Laws of Quantum Physics being only one. What will the next 1900 years have in store for us.

I can only point to what I think and understand about the Laws of Quantum Physics and the New Age of Aquarius. Only time will tell how accurate or false I am. But you must make your own judgments.

In my study of the Laws of Quantum Physics, I have gone back to the great thinkers and philosophers of the past and put them to the test of the new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics.

These laws state that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. Everything that is, was or will be exists in the Quantum Ocean. There is no time, no past, no present nor future only the Now. Since the Quantum Ocean is a synonym for the Mind of God, it responds to our thoughts as God would.

The purpose of the Quantum Ocean is to give each man, who is an individual soul in the the Mind of God, a playing field, a matrix of energies to perform his destiny. And the destiny of man is continuous incarnations, becoming more god-like until he becomes God himself.

After re-reading, "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", by Nietzsche, I could see many pf his quotes that passed the test of the new paradigm. As with all past great thinkers, they knew of the existence of the Quantum Ocean, the Laws of Quantum Physics and the Mind of God. They spoke and wrote about these things in the language of their times.

Check these quotes out and put them to the test. If and when you read a book and find some golden truths. Then it is safe to assume that if and when you read additional books of the same author you will find more golden truths.

"Let your love towards life be love towards your highest hope (your God-like destiny), and your highest hope be the highest ideas of life!"

"Every thing goes, everything returns. The wheel of existence rolls for ever. Everything dies, everything blossoms anew, the year of existence runs on forever."

"But the complex causes in which I am entangled will recur. It will create me again. I myself am part of the these causes of the Eternal Recurrence."

"Our way is upward."

"Once you said "God" when you gazed upon the distant seas. But now I have taught you to say "I am God."

Read "Thus Spoke Zarathrustra" and put it to the test yourself. I have tested the writings of Plato, Pythagoras, Vitvan, Sri Arabindo, Blavatsky and others. They have all passed the test. In this new age do not allow others to think for you. With the gift of the Internet you can now surf and get your own information. I am only suggesting some truths you may want to research.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, radionics, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.

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thomas said...

You write "there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. Everything that is, was, or will be exists in the Quantum Ocean...Since the Quantum Ocean is a synonym for the mind of God, it responds to our thoughts as God would"....Does this mean that we are the Quantum Ocean thinking our thoughts, creating what we experience, perceive, etc.? Is 'matter' then just the quantum ocean thick with thoughts? Are thoughts the 'Garma' of Guido Von List ("Use your fate [Garma--my comment], do not strive against it!" ['Need' from THE SECRET OF THE RUNES]. Is all our suffering and all the 'bad' in the world the result of the Quantum Ocean's layers and layers of 'Stinkin' Thinkin'' [Oh would it be if that were so!] If this were so radionics would be so simple. Please tell me if and where my thinking and understanding is wrong. Thanks. Thomas Benjamin

Ragnar Storyteller said...

In answer to your question. It is all very simple. Not easy but simple.

The Quantum Ocean is the working place, the matrix that the Creator god uses to manifest his entire creation.

He gives each man and women tha ability to co create.

So for centuries men and women have been thinking into the quantum ocean, mind of god and creating what you se out there and in the newspapers.

Two reasons. man has gotten lazy and does not search out the truth anymore.
Secondly there is a false matrix built by very ingenious people who block the truth from man. They do this for their own selfish purposes.

If man is not strong willed enough or conscious enough to see through this false matrix then so be it.

We never die. We go back to the quantum ocean and wait for next incarnation.

If what man has built is so bad, it will destroy itself no need for a divine intervention.

then the creator god will start again. It has happened before.

Each man and woman will then be placed in this new creation at the level of consciousness they have attained in the old one. Those engaged in totally bestial activities --- well then --