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Expect big changes both global and individual. Be prepared.

The Chinese say “it is wonderful to live in interesting times.” We are doing that now. Use this Uranian energy to recreate your life and the whole world into a better place.

When I was boxing in the Army I was knocked down three times. Not out for the count only down. Each time it was because I did not see the punch coming. I successfully blocked all the punches that I could see and continued to fight. Don’t let this knockdown punch happen to you.

The new Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics is here now! The awesome lightning power of Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is being released on a global scale as well as individually into each of your lives.

Take time to prepare. Get your natal and solar charts out and find out which one of your twelve houses will be affected most by Uranus. It just crossed the border from Pisces into Aries. It now combines its energies with the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, all waiting for it in Aries.

A tremendously powerful meeting of five planets in one house does not happen that often.

Find out now which house Aries is in, both in your natal and your solar charts.

You cannot stop this explosive energy from making needed changes in your life. Sometimes painful but always needed.  But you can keep your gloves up and look in the correct direction (the house) and not be knocked down and out.

If you will feel its power (Uranus) and see where it is coming from (house) you will not get knocked down. By doing this you will be still standing for the next round of life.

Here is a brief synopsis of the houses and what they represent:
·       First house --- Your personality
·       Second house --- How you earn your money
·       Third house --- Your communication skills
·       Fourth house --- Your home
·       Fifth house --- Fun, love and travel
·       Sixth house --- Your health
·       Seventh house --- Your relationships
·       Eight house --- Other people’s money
·       Ninth house --- Higher wisdom, religion
·       Tenth house --- Your career
·       Eleventh house --- Friendships
·       Twelfth house --- Your  past

Five planets in any one of these houses will cause change. Uranus will cause instant change.

Keep your guard up!!!

Uranus will bring new discoveries and advancements in every field. Divine Wisdom will touch the fields of medicine, computer science, free energy technology and agriculture. This may be where you will want to place your attention.

Uranus will challenge the status quo in order to liberate us from established conventions and institutions that have been corrupted. There will also be massive changes to the Earth itself.

We can use the powerful energy of Uranus in Aries in our personal lives by cultivating and expressing bravery, confidence, fearlessness and independence in the area of our life where Aries lives.

Time to become a warrior for the Light with this new energy,

If you are having trouble finding out your house, email me.


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