Thursday, October 18, 2007



The 21st century has ushered in the Laws of Quantum Physics and the Science of Radionics. It si time for each of us to start to recreate our reality our life.

The Age of Aquarius has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics, the Science of Radionics and the Internet. And we have 1950 more years to go.

Quantum Physics has broken open the sealed doors of secret hidden information. These were the sole properity of the elite. The Illuminate, the secret societies, the religious leaders, the shamans, etc. They called it by many different names; the mind of god, the laws of god, ancient wisdom, secret rituals, etc.

But it is all the same. The actual way the universe works and how to use its laws to better your life.

Quantum physics unlocks these secrets for all of us to use. Now we too know how it works.

There is an infinite ocean of energy called the Quantum Ocean. It is full of thinking stuff, which permeates and penetrates all the spaces in our universe.

All thoughts sent into this thinking stuff produce its physical manifestation in our world.

We can now all bring into our lives what we desire by sending our thoughts into this formless thinking substance.

We can create our own reality anew. We have been creating our reality all along, with our thoughts. This is why so many of us are unhappy, broke and ill.

The problem is that we have too many thoughts. Unfortunately over 90% of these thoughts are negative repetitions of what we don't want in our lives.

Time to think of what we do want. Time to create a happier, healthier richer life.

Here's where radionics comes in. Radionics can now be called the Science of the Future. It is the Science of Attraction.

It is the linkage between the energies that exist in the quantum ocean and our individual realities, our lives.

There is no time in the quantum ocean. No past, present nor future. Only the now. We can attract eneregies from the past ,the present and the future. What do you want?

There are three working principles to radionics:

A POWER SOURCE which creates life force. The medium through which energy travels.

A STATEMENT OF INTENT. A wish, prayer, desire of what you want.

A TARGET. Where do you want this energy to go? Your photo? Drop of blood? Signature?

Radionics needs a matrix. A playing filed where the energies coming out of the quantum ocean meet our present reality.

A radionics matrix can be a $5000 electronic box; a black box; a wood plaque with sacred geometrical symbols or even a hand written circuit on a piece of paper.

Choose the one that suits you best. Get busy recreating your life for the better. The net is full of sites telling you about the secret. I am telling you how it works.

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