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The laws of Quantum Physics have opened wide the doors of all the sacred and hidden wisdom of the past. This wisdom was usually referred to as 'The Mind Of God.' And, only very special people were privy to it. Priests, shamans, healers, voo doo doctors, magicians, etc. It was also called by many other names.

Now we know it as the Quantum Ocean. This is where all energy exists in an ocean of non manifested substance. The energy in this ocean is a thinking energy and it responds to the thoughts of man.

This is what 'The Secret', that is storming the country, is all about, though it is a little shallow and commercial.

All energy exists past, present and future. There is no time only the now in this ocean. There is no space in this ocean only the here. So the quantum ocean, like the Tao, can be explained as the HERE AND NOW.

Inside the quantum ocean are what I like to call Divine Blueprints. These are archetypal blueprints of the Natural Order of Things. These are blueprints for man, for trees, for butterflies, for bees, for mountains, for oceans, etc.

They are the blueprints that some powerful thinking being, that we call God placed there for our use. I do not believe in the big bang theory. The divine blueprints automatically reproduce themselves on the physical plane.

The divine blueprint for an oak tree will produce and oak tree on the physical plane. if you plant an acorn you will not get a birch tree.

There are also divine blueprints for man.

But alas, with the quantum ocean also comes the ability for man to co-create his own blueprints. And, in my opinion he has messed up many attempts.


DOR is the term that Wilhelm Reich coined. He used it to talk about deadly energy that is harmful to man. Life force is energy that is beneficial to man.

DOR is one of the man made blueprints. It is produced by EMF power stations, elf towers, cell phones, harp towers, micro wave ovens. TVs, computers. All blueprints man has created without any idea if they were safe or not. They are not. They interfere with the finally tuned energy body of humans and causes all kinds of illnesses.

By the way, negative emotions are also a form of DOR. They are not part of the the Natural Order Divine Blueprints. They cause all kinds or problems in relationships.


Quantum physics is telling us what the ancients knew all along. We are energy beings. We are not solid. We have four bodies. A physical, an emotional, a mental and a spiritual. They surround us like onion skins. They are all held in place by our aura, which is like a tight pantie hose that surrounds us.

Natural Order says that man is a soul that builds and inhabits a physical body to experience reality.

DOR says that man is a body that has a soul.. Quite a difference.


Quantum physics tells us, that thanks to the Law of Attraction, whatever energies we carry in our auras, attracts our life to us by attracting people, places and events.

Our aura contains our thoughts and feelings as well as our physical body. This is why we are told to watch our thoughts.

When they say 'Thoughts are Things', the should really say, 'Thoughts Attract Things.'


The key to attracting energy out of the quantum ocean is SYMBOLS. Every symbol you can imagine exists in the quantum ocean. All divine symbols and all man made DOR symbols.

To stay healthy, wealthy and wise attract nothing but divine blueprints symbols into your aura and keep DOR symbols out.

Sacred geometrical forms such as equilateral triangles, squares, circles, etc, are divine blueprint symbols which contain life force that is positive for man. Runes are also divine symbols. Pyramids are divine symbols..

A photo or a drawing of a divine symbol on your desk connects to the actual divine symbol in the quantum ocean. Law of resonant frequencies.

So if you want to rid your home of DOR place as many divine symbols in and around your house as you can. They will neutralize the DOR energies.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom techings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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